Uniting DeFi

KANGA Platform

Token Holders, Traders and Arbitragers In addition to holding and swapping tokens, holders can combine multiple trades in a batch swap, provide liquidity by joining or exiting a pool, decide whether to leave their tokens in the MOB as an internal balance or withdraw the assets back to the native token and create flash loans for arbitraging opportunities.

Yield Providers Yield providers such as DeFi protocols like AAVE can use their managed assets to provide liquidity. This reduces the amount of assets needed to be held in pools and increases their yield by augmenting their existing fees with trading fees from the liquidity pools. Yield can be further increased by using more advanced yield strategies to improve yield similar to the strategies that YEARN introduced.

Asset Custodian Asset custodians are any entity which manages assets. These include Layer 1 blockchains, parachains, DeFi protocols, centralized exchanges and traditional financial institutions. All of these custodians can increase liquidity for their assets (tokens). They can also increase liquidity for their platform, either by bridging to MOB or moving forward implementing a MOB light client on their platform.

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